Accounting and Bookkeeping

We do accounting services, manual & computerized, customized to the requirement of customers. Qualified accounting professionals experienced in accounting to meet your needs of data entry, Profit / Loss statement and Balance Sheet along with required level of monthly reporting.

Our professional team can assist you in the implementation of:

  • Fourth & Fifth Schedule (For Public Listed, unlisted/private Companies)  (As per SECP’s Companies Act, 2017)
  • IAS-1                                   (For Presentation of Financial Statements)
  • IAS-27 & 28 &  IFRS-10 (For Consolidated Financial Statements)
  • IFRS-3                                (For Business Combinations)
  • IAS- 40                               (For Investments Property)
  • IAS-28 & IFRS-11             (For Investments in Associates and Joint Venture)
  • IFRS-15                          (For Construction Contracts)
  • IFRS-4 & IFRS-17             (For Insurance Contracts)
  • IFRS-16                               (For Leases)
  • IAS 12                                  (For Taxes on Income)
  • IAS-21                                 (For effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates)
  • IFRS-6                                (For Exploration for and Evaluation of Mineral Resources)
  • IFRS-7                                (For Financial Instruments)

The above stated accounting solutions can best be equipped with our highly recognized ERP solutions. Our professional team is always ready to integrate your all business problems under one umbrella.